Here is a page dedicated to producers and camellia sellers, to dedicated websites and forums.

Nurseries in France

A. Stervinou : On line catalog, very nice collection.

Nursery Joel Lemaitre : Beautiful collection, advises and friendly welcoming.

Nursery of Kerfandol : Mail order selling. Large choice of plants, also camellias.

Nursery Roué : Easily found in nurseries.

Nursery Côte Sud des Landes : Mail order sailing. Large choice of plants, also camellias (particularly sasanqua).

Kervilou Nursery - Béréhouc Nursery : Beautiful collection of camellias and hydrangeas. Open every day except sunday and public holidays.

Pépinière Botanique Jean & Frédérique Thoby : Mail order selling. Big collection. A large choice of camellias and big subjects.

Pépinières des Cascatelles Alain Thoby : Large collection of plants.

Pépinières Côte Sud des Landes : Mail-order selling. Sale of varied plants and rare plants including camellias (collection of sasanqua).

Nurseries in Belgium

Guy Van Ruysseghem : Big choice of camellias and friendly welcoming. Can be visited upon appointment.

Bamboudubois : mail order selling in autumn and winter.

Nurseries in England

Camellia Grove :756 camellias listed, also rhododendros, azaleas and hydrangeas.

Trehane Camellia Nursery : Large choice of camellias and other plants.

Coghurst Nursery : Large choice of camellias. Smaller quantities are avaliable in the nursery, don't hesitate to contact it.

Imberhome Lane Nursery : Large collection of camellias and other plants.

Duchy of Cornwall Nursery : Large choice of camellias and others plants.

Burncoose Nursery : Large choice of camellias and different plants. Mail order. The nursery is a part of the Caerhays Estate.

Nurseries in Switzerland

Eisenhut Nursery and Parco de Gambargno : A beautiful collection and a garden created by Otto Eisenhut to be visited.

Nurseries in Italy

Floricultura Lago Maggiore (F.L.M.). A family nursery. A beautifull collection of big cultivars and camellias in containers. Some are also originated by F.L.M.

Compagnia del Lago : Production of very big subjets for international sales and also cultivars in smaller containers. Beautifull collection and choice of plants.

Camelia d'Oro : A part of the collection of the Villa Anelli, produced by the owner. Large choice of plants and rare camellias.

Savioli f.lli : Beautifull collection of camellias. Large choice of plants and size. Also rare camellias.

Nurseries in Germany

Baumschule Huben : Large collection of camellias and many others plants.

Nurseries in USA

Nuccio's Nurseries : Well known for its famous collection.

Nurseries in Australia

Paradise Plants : For its famous collection of sasanqua.

Websites dedicated to camellias

My Camellia Homepage : Dr Hubert Linthe website (in german and english).

Kamelientraüme : Anne Berlin's garden, a german lover of camellias (website in german). : The garden of Dr Hübbers, fascinated by kalmias, others camellias and rhododendrons. A magnificient collection in a very beautiful garden (website in german and english). Now you could visit a second website dedicated to Higos. : The website of two camellia lovers, Heidi and Hans Kiesel, with photos coming from their collection, their trips aournd the world (website in german).

Jim's Camellias : The site of a great camellia lover, who photographed them for 15 years and grouped them into a complete photographic nomenclature (website in english).

Kamelien Website : The site of Gernot Harnisch, a great lover of camellias. He presents his travels as well as the German collections he was able to photograph. (website in german)

Gardening forum

Gardenweb : a section is dedicated to camellias.

To learn more...

Société d'horticulture du Pays d'Auray (SHPA)

It was created in 1982 and has a comprehensive website which describes the SHPA activities and gives gardening advises.

ICS (International Camellia Society)

It was founded in 1962, its first president was Professor E.G. Waterhouse. It maintains up to date the International Camellia Register, which can be found on line on its website.

ICS (International Camellia Society) Benelux division

The Bénélux division is more recent. The website if comprehensive and has a long list of links.

ICS (International Camellia Society) Germany/Austria division

The Germany-Austria region of the ICS has its own website. This includes news, the latest newsletters, a photo gallery and the association's calendar.

ACS (American Camellia Society)

Founded in 1945, in Georgia (USA), The website contains lot of usefull informations concerning camellias. The visit of Magnolia on the Ashley is to be seen for its remarquable camellia collection.

Société du Camellia d'Ile de France

Created in 2006, its purpose is to promote camellia in Ile de France (Paris region). You can visit their website or contact them for more information.

Sociedad Española de la Camelia

The SEC is helping to promote the Camellia in Galicia. In 2006, the Camellia Route was created to showcase the region's most emblematic gardens.

Società Italiana della Camelia, Italy

Organise travels for their members and participates to many camellia shows. Here is their website.

Royal Horticultural Society, Great Britain

Founded in 1804, one of the world's leading horticultural organisations. You can visit their website.

You will find the Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group.

Camellias Australia, Australia

You can visit their website. Many informations, activities and shows. And also, the NSW Camellia Research Society.

New Zealand Camellia Society

The site is very rich and allows you to discover New Zealand camellias. The society organises a National Camellia Show every year with an exhibition and garden visits.

Société Nantaise d'Horticulture

Exist since 180 years and open to all gardening amateurs, professional or not. It proposes conferences, garden visits and exhibitions. Here's a link to their site.

Association Breizh Camellia

In 2020, the association celebrates its 20th anniversary. It organizes exhibitions, garden visits, trips around the camellia and heather soil plants. Find the annual calendar on its site.